Cuer Sue Webber 

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Sue started dancing in 1982 at the age of 14 in Spokane, WA.  She was involved with a couple of youth and family clubs.  In 1987 she started cueing in Spokane and cued for several clubs including a youth club, before re-locating to Tacoma in 1991.  She met Greg Weber soon after moving to Tacoma and they were married in 1998.  Greg is a caller, and before meeting Sue, he also cued for most of the clubs he called for.  Sue then took over the cueing programs for Greg’s clubs.  Sue has cued for the Jet Steppers, Socialites, Spinners and Young Bunch.  With the exception of one, Sue has attended every State festival, since learning to square dance, and cueing at every festival since 1987.  She has also cued at many other weekend festivals over the years.  Sue and Greg’s daughters, Sierra and Mikayla, started square dancing at young ages, and are active members of the Young Bunch.  The whole family enjoys this wonderful activity and have met numerous friends over the years.

Sue is a member of Roundalab, the International Association of Round Dance Teachers and Cuers.  She and Greg have been honored to have received the Parker (2001) and McNutt (2017) awards for their continued support, leadership and contributions to the square and round dance activity.  Sue is employed as a Financial Analyst (Accountant) with the State of Washington and Greg is employed with the Tacoma School District as a Graphic Artist.  The family has a dog (Roxie), a cat (Faith), and several fish.